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Joseph Strid

A timeline

  • Born Christopher Joseph Strid in Perth, Western Australia, in 1973.

  • Raised in Perth until about the age of 9, my family then moved to Balikpapan Indonesia (my Dad was an expat in the Oil and Gas Industry)

  • I left my parents at round the age of 13 and moved back to Perth to live with my 15 year old brother, my grandmother, and uncle. Why my parents allowed this, I'll never know.

  • I attended by brothers small private school, which was for kids with various issues (he had dyslexia). it was an amazing Foothills School, Guildford, Western Australis. which in the 1980s had an enrolment of 120 students in years 8 to 12, but sadly no longer exists. It is now a river retreat.

  • After high school I studied commercial aviation and received my commercial pilots license. I had my mind set on becoming an Air Force pilot. I did however abandon this idea after completing my pilot license.

  • I began making electronic music, then enrolled and completed an audio engineering diploma. I bought synthesizers, samplers and made terrible then less terrible music.

  • After completing my audio engineering diploma I then enrolled in digital multimedia and completed a diploma.

  • I landed my first teaching gig shortly there after teaching the entire team of animators Flash for John Callahan's Quads! (or simply Quads!) — a Canadian-Australian co-production cartoon, created by, and based upon the work of, John Callahan (creator of Pelswick for Nick on CBS)

  • Following my first teaching success I then landed a job as the Creative Media head at SAE Technology College in Perth. I taught there for the nexy 4 years and also completed a Honours Degree in Interactive Media from Middlesex University in London.

  • My then wife had completed an art degree at Curtin University and had then been accepted into a Graduate Program at the Australian National University in Canberra. We decided to sell everything and drive across the Nullarbor and move to Canberra. So I quit my job and we left.

  • I was in Canberra just 5 days when I landed a job teaching Interactive Digital Media at the ANU, at the then Centre for New Media Arts. I would work my way from casual lecturer to tenured academic over the next 10 years.

  • My daughter was born in 2011 and was a catalyst for change. I left the university in 2013 to move back to Perth, and start over again. I often wondered about that decision, although I was miserable at the ANU, and I know it was the right decision to leave. Even though it led to the end of my marriage 3 years later and many turbulent years following that.

  • I won a 100K art commission in 2014 for the Karratha Airport, and produced a 90 minute film using Drones. The process required mastering large commercial camera drones and aerial cinematography. It also required flying Drones in the gruelling and remote Pilbara environmental conditions.

  • We moved back to Canberra in 2017 for my daughters schooling, and my marriage ended literally as we moved back to Canberra. So for the second time I arrived in Canberra for a fresh start. I was however devastated by my marriage ending.

  • For my 2 and half years in Canberra following my marriage ending I took crappy jobs with crappy people. I understand now it was a path I needed to take. Although it was a very difficult time for me. I did however navigate my way into marketing for these businesses, a intense incubation period.

  • As my marriage ended I also embarked on a 2 year project with my mentor, a project called Our Big Idea. I was very fortunate to receive the guidance and instruction I did from Robert. Although we failed to commercialise the project (mostly due to my distraction and calling to do my own thing) I learnt the art of ease, flow, and getting out of my own way and challenging whatever it is we actually are (beyond our personalities)

  • In the second half of 2019, I finally found my footing and direction. I had established a roster of paying marketing clients for my little big marketing agency Big Creative Co. But I realised I was not interested in that business being my path ahead for the remainder of my life. I wanted to share all my self somehow, make myself useful, and finish the path I started. That decision has led me back to this site with all my attention and energy.




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