Stillness Of Mind Combined With Action

Walking the golden path between anxiety and boredom


Flowing in Daily Life

When you fully immerse your self in an action you can experience a feeling of energised focus. This flow state, requires your full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Flow like water

The Key to Contentment is Flow

Acting on work you find exciting while in a state of flow is one of the keys to your happiness. You want to walk the golden path between anxiety and boredom. Acting on your own excitement while in a state of flow is the way.

To flow in your working life you want to really love what you are being. You can cultivate flow in daily life by engaging in work you find exciting. Now give the work your full attention when you are doing it.

Take Effortless Action

Stillness of mind combined with action makes for effortless action. Flowing.

Flow is being completely present, and taking actions that go effortlessly without friction. Flow is accompanied by a razor sharp focus.

There is an ecstatic quality flowing.

Living a life with flow is being like water. Water nourishes everything that it passes. It has no purpose, no goal, no specific desire. Water does its work without any ambition. And yet water can overcome anything, even the hard and rigid. Nothing can compete with it.

Bruce Lee knew what he was being - be like water my friend.

the power of gentleness

You want the balance between action and non-action. This concept is the known as the power of gentleness.

Flowing is the opposite of the western socialised approach of working harder and harder to get results. Forcing and striving might get the job done. But this approach requires more energy than necessary. And there is a chance for collateral damage.

When you combine stillness of mind with action you can work intelligently. You will know when to act and when not to. You will know when to take action and when to rest.


the path of least resistance

Our life stream goes into some direction. Sometimes forced by intelligence, but mostly in a natural course. When we flow along with the current, we align ourselves with this natural course. This is the path of least resistance. It gives nature a chance to unfold for us, without us resisting it.

Flow like water

combining Stillness with action

Creating the experience of flow is combining stillness of mind with action. Now you are here today. Right now.

With a stillness of mind combined with action you are free to navigate your way through lifes river rather than trying to control it.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.
— Lao Tzu

let Go Of Trying

You can drop the straining and trying. You can 'be' the moments you are experiencing. And you can let go of the straining for a past, or for an imagined tomorrow.

Introduce mindfulness as you work. Relax and flow. That flow will surface in everything you produce.

The world Loves Individuals Who Flow

Stillness combined with action allows you to be you. And to navigate your way through your days effortlessly. Small course corrections will be clearly visible. And you can simply and easily navigate your way through your lifes river.

The world doesn't not need anything. But it can use people who take action using their flow.


The Actionable

So how do you find your flow?

You follow your heart.

How do you follow you heart? You sideline that fancy intellect of yours. Stop thinking your way along, and just be the way you want to to be. Take some actions that excite you everyday.

Flowing means giving yourself over to what you are doing. What you are being. What you love being.

With your flow flowing, you can make your best contribution to the world.

So finding your flow. And flowing. This is the action.