Being Your Easy Self

Your excitement is where you find your easy self


Relax, It's Easy

So how do you become your easy self? It's easy. You just start being it.

Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy. Continue easy and you are right. The right way to go easy is to forget the right way. And forget that the going is easy.
— Lao Tzu

Take Action on the things that excite you

Acting on the things that excite you is the key. You follow your heart. You take those actions. And you surrender to the the path they set you on.

Your excitement won't fail you. You will arrive at the right place at the right time. The people who are supposed to be there will be there.

Taking actions you find exciting makes use of your natural talents. Those talents you were born with.

Excited actions lead to serendipity. The hallmark of being your easy self. Notice them. Question the connections. But just be easy with them. Some will develop. Some will not.

Your Easy Self is Helpful

Your easy self easily help others. It doesn't seem to require much effort on your part. You don't notice the work. Because it's easy for you.

When you are being it the way you want to be you automatically become useful to people. People start to show up. Trying is not required. You just be you.

Your Easy Self is Authentic

Your easy self is your authentic self. There is no facade. There is no projection of an idea of who you are. You can just be you. You can let your guard down.

People notice authenticity. The Internet craves authenticity.


Commit Your Self To Your Path

Commit your self to the path that motivates you. Allow your self to become it. Give yourself over to it. Be it. You will need to be determined. You will need maintain focus. You can however cultivate determination and focus.

Drop the Trying

You can drop the trying. Excited actions are not trying. You are taking action but it's light and easy. There is no strain.

When you strain at things you end up with the straining. It only gets in the way. Or it gets you lost.

We are socialised to try. To work hard. No pain no gain! Work hard to get ahead. All that. It doesn't work. You wind up the the trying. It's just hard work.

Using your self in the way that excites you gives you the fire to work. But it doesn't feel like work. It feels like action with momentum. And it feels like you are using your whole self. Easily.

Now, taking action is required. But Easy action. Life can be easy when you take action with ease.

When we act on what excites us, and use our easy natural selves, the action is easy.

Sideline Your Intellect

You can sideline that fancy intellect. It has its place. But over thinking can ruin your life.

Flowing is better. Flowing takes you places. Places you want to be.

Your intellect is useful. But not as a guide for your life. You can follow you heart and then later use that brain power to sift and edit what has come through. After the flow.

Create a Life that Flows

When you drop the trying, and be the self you want to be your life starts flowing.

Acting with flow is your way at making a meaningful contribution to the world. You don't need to understand your purpose. It will be there. You are being the way you want to be. Authentically. That's why you are here. That's what the world wants.

The world doesn't need another anything. However it can always use people who act on what excites them. People who take action and find their flow. This is where you can make your contribution.



Allow the situations and timings to take their own form and time. It will take the time it takes for world to reflect the self you're being now. Allow it to take its own timing. And its own form.

Just Be Your Easy Natural Self

The world just wants you to be you.

Be that self today. Right now.

Maintain your focus, be determined, and and commit to your self the your path. You will succeed.

Be mindful as you take action. Nurture actions that are flowing. The quality of your flowing actions will determine the quality of what comes through.

Notice the serendipity. Things will start happening. Straining after an outcome can also be dropped.

Excited action ripples out and resonants with others. You will be wonderfully surprised what happens.