Meet Joseph

Who is Joseph Strid?

I am an Australian born artist and teacher. I've shown my artwork internationally, and completed many large huge public art commissions. I have written and delivered dozens of university programs in 2D animation, photography, video, coding, interactive media, and the web. And I've spent years commercially freelancing for clients and businesses. What I am teaching will help other creators avoid years of trial-and-error.

How Creators Workshop is different

Personal Coaching and Feedback

Creators Workshop is an intensive 6-week online workshop for creators who want to level up. Students learn at their own pace with regular coaching and feedback to master creative production and online marketing. These essential skills in our modern digital economy are delivered via live sessions and hands-on projects which enables me to pay attention to students and the work they create. This workshop is intensive, and challenging. It's for people committed to change.

Workshop graduates enjoy the confidence gained from practical project experience creating images, graphics, designs, video sequences, websites and online marketing campaigns.

The workshop is entirely hands on with personal coaching and feedback, and draws on my insights working and teaching in this space for more than 25 years. If this sounds exciting to you, I invite you to join.

How the Creator Workshop is different

Intensive Learning Model

Condensed Learning

I've designed a condensed learning experience through live lessons, personalised feedback and coaching, curated resources, and hands-on projects. You will level up and grow in record time.

Bootcamp Experience

The workshop will provide rapid, intensive learning.  It requires a considerable commitment. You will need to show up regularly and do the work.

Peer to Peer Learning

You will work alongside a cohort of brilliant, motivated creators who will challenge and inspire you to produce your best work. Connect with like minded creators as motivated as you are.

Lecturer Access

The Creators Workshop is a mutual commitment. Using Slack as a teaching tool enables me to pay attention to my students and the work they create. And to be regularly available for questions and feedback.

Live Support

Help I'm stuck! No problem. Creators workshop gives you a supported learning and discovery process. Relax, we are in this together.

Extensive Resources

Access recorded video lessons each with detailed show notes for guidance and later reference. And an ever growing Creator FAQ.

Client Ready in 30 Days

Want to take on commercial online marketing and website clients? You can. I will show you exactly how I did it and how you can too.

Hands-on Curriculum

The Creators workshop curriculum is hands-on. It's all built around practical real world projects that allow you to apply what you learn.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you show up and commit and don't feel you've got excellent value, I'll refund your workshop fees no questions asked.

Explore the benefits of the Creator Workshop

All in One Place

I've bundled everything I've learnt from 25 years of practice and teaching. Live lessons, personalised feedback, coaching, resources, and hand on projects. Without guidance, this process can take years of trial-and-error.

formats and filetypes

Experience the freedom from knowing which filetypes to use and when. Produce with precision with clear understanding of the formats and filetypes for any digital production application.


Jump between bitmaps and vector graphics with ease, and follow your ideas. Merge pixel perfect graphics and scalable vector graphics and watch your ideas come to life.

Designing Graphics

Feel the design confidence that comes from creating professional designs for print, websites, social media and online marketing campaigns. Advance your design skills rapidly through design research and creative appropriation.


Consistently produce resolved compositions on any camera. Bed down  a clear understanding of digital image exposure and the principles of composition. Realise professional results grading images using Lightroom and Photoshop with confidence and control.


Capture compelling videos using cameras, drones and smart phones as needed. Possess confidence capturing video footage you can reliably use in creative projects. Edit, colour grade and render professional grade work using Premiere and After Effects.

Motion Graphics

Create short sharp motion graphics using the industry standard motion graphics software After Effects. Mixing video, layered Photoshop files, typography and sound and explore your ideas on the move. Render sequences for online social media and video marketing campaigns.


Be able to design and realise websites in house that are fast, modern and wired for online marketing campaigns. Kiss wrestling with themes goodbye and realise the designs you see in your mind. And launch online stores that can generate revenue.

Social media

Arrive at the social media format that works for you and your intended audience. The peace-of-mind knowing your on track for growth is motivating and exciting. Measure viewer engagement, make course corrections, and know you'll arrive at your desired destination.

Online marketing

Join the digital economy with fine control over marketing. Knowing how to approach marketing for your work for for clients is game changing. With skills in rich media Facebook, Instagram campaigns you have options. Offer Google Ads services to business and earn more money from your business.

Getting Clients

Feel the thrill of landing new paying clients that pay weekly for design, marketing and web services. Tap the massive potential for earning by tailoring services to business or developing your own paying customers.

managing Projects

Know the best methods and tools and shortcuts increases your productivity and keeps you feeling on top of everything. Experience speed and ease and that lovely feeling where your work has wings. Running your studio like a pro with the assurance that comes from adopting best practices.

DO YOUr own thing

Knowing you can build your own business is liberating. Escape the 9-5 forever. Knowing you are building your dream business gives you incredible energy and motivation and enables you to ride out the lows. Knowing it's only a matter of time will give you a spring in your step.

Creators Workshop

Creator Workshop Curriculum

A detailed look at the Creator Workshop curriculum. Delivered by live lessons, personalised feedback, coaching, curated resources, and hands on projects.

Studio: setups, RAID drives, web tools, hardware, project tools

Imaging: Formats and filetypes: image filetypes, video filetypes, web filetypes, essential source files

Imaging: still cameras, video cameras, camera drones, lenses, photo exposure/composition

Imaging: importing, sort and developing negatives Adobe Lightroom. All the modules and the essential editing techniques

Imaging: developing negatives, workflows Adobe Camera Raw, Camera Raw versus Lightroom

Imaging: Photoshop essential preferences, the tool bar and palette, working with documents, fullscreen modes, over-scroll, more, all the key shortcuts you'll use over and over

Imaging: Image resolution, image size vs canvas size, colour profiles

Imaging: Photoshop layers, layer options, layer groups, duplicating/cloning/aligning, free transforming, blending, layer styles, copying/pasting, smart objects, clipping groups, layer masks

Imaging: Photoshop adjustments, levels, curves, hue saturaation, painting adjustments

Design: Designing for print layouts, composition, typography, design appropriation

Design: Guidelines for effective typography, working with fonts, Adobe typekit, Google fonts, Fount and more.

Design: Vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator, eps files, SVG files. Adobe Animate

Video: Premiere Pro projects, timelines, editing, rendering

Video: After Effects projects, comps, timelines, effects, masking, nesting compositions, type layers, animation composer, creating video for social, rendering

Video: batch rendering video, workflows, formats in Media Encoder and Handbrake

Design: designing interfaces using Photoshop

Design: designing interfaces using Marvel App

Websites: domain names, site hosting, ftp, tools

Websites: nameservers and adding custom DNS records

Websites: Setting email forwarding addresses (and server catchall email addresses)

Websites: creating sub domains

Websites: building blogs with Wordpress and themes

Websites: hand making websites with Webflow (awesome)

Websites: designing and building responsive websites for desktop, tablet and mobile

Websites: progressive web apps the future of web apps

Websites: working with Google Chrome's web inspector

Websites: site Facebook messenger and chat plugins

Websites: creating pop up sign up forms and email CRM

Websites: conversational websites

Websites: creating documentation site using GitBook

Websites: launching online stores with Webflow, Shopify, etc

Online Marketing: Facebook business pages, roles, customising pages for desktop and mobile.

Online Marketing: Working with Facebook Business Manager, payments

Online Marketing: Custom Facebook Audiences

Online Marketing: Writing effective Facebook campaigns: traffic, high intent lead campaigns/forms, engagement campaigns, video campaigns, retargeting campaigns

Online Marketing: Writing emotional ad copy that works, ad copy tools like hemingway, Grammarly and more

Online Marketing: Working with the Facebook Pixel

Online Marketing: Instagram business pages

Online Marketing: Facebook Retargeting

Online Marketing: Facebook messenger marketing

Online Marketing: Instagram Ads

Online Marketing: Email marketing tactics and tools

Online Marketing: Google Ads campaigns for local search: search vs display campaigns, site extensions, snippit extensions, callout extensions, keywords

Online Marketing: Search engine optimisation (SEO), SEO tools, using Google Trends, Uber Suggest

Online Marketing: Working with Google Analytics

Business: getting your first paying clients, setting rates, which services to offer, over delivering

Creators Workshop

Creator Workshop Outcomes

A condensed learning experience through live lessons, personalised feedback, coaching, curated resources, and hands on projects.

Digital production foundations: formats and filetypes for print, web and social

Digital Imaging (photography and video): Exposure and composition masterclass

Designing graphics and interfaces for print, websites, social media content, and video and still marketing campaigns

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw photographic production

Adobe Photoshop editing, design and advanced production techniques

Adobe Premiere Pro video editing

Adobe After Effects motion graphics

Website domains, hosting, tracking code, landing pages and blogs, retargeting with

Social Media content marketing

Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns

Google Ad search campaigns

Launching E-commerce stores

Obtaining paying customers and/or clients

Creative Workshop FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about the workshop and it's structure.

What is Creator Workshop?

Creators Workshop is an intensive online workshop with personal coaching for creators who want to level up with media design and production and online business and marketing.

Founded in 2018 by Joseph Strid, the Creator Workshop uses digital tools like Slack, and web conferencing to engage students in an intense four-week learning process.

Each session of the workshop is led by Joseph, who engages with students in individual and group work. During the workshop, each student publishes the results of assigned projects for personalised feedback and coaching.

The workshop benefits from Joseph's 25 years practicing and teaching digital media arts at universities, colleges and institutions.

Who is the ideal Creator Workshop candidate?

Creators Workshop is for creatives, marketers, entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, designers, builders, bloggers, youTubers, and makers.

The Creators workshop is for people wanting to realise their own potential. It’s for creators who want to expand their creative possibilities and add more skills to their toolbox. It's for doers and people who want to possess the skills of the modern digital economy.

What are the advantages on this workshop?

Creators Workshop offers a way to rapidly acquire broad skills in photography, digital imaging, digital video, website production and online business and marketing.

There’s more information available to more people than ever before in human history. But if you’re not thirsty to learn and you’re not aware of what you need to know, it does you no good at all. This workshop embodies everything you will need in one intensive focused workshop experience.

Who should enroll?

The Creators Workshop is for leveling up. Working hard and being the best you can be. It is challenging to make it work, but if you want to make it happen. It can be done, but you'll need to make an effort.

There comes a point in our lives where we feel we need to make a change and this is where those 'next steps' begin to take shape and unfold.

Creators Workshop is a transformational. You are investing 30 days in yourself. And if something is worth doing, it's worth doing now AND there will never be a better time than now.

The Creators Workshop professionally, and personally offers incredibly valuable. You will come away from the program with clear next steps and the skills I needed to move forward towards goals.

It's only a month. A sprint is just that, an amazing four week process that pushes you further. You will possess energy, motivation, enthusiasm and new ideas. New ways to express yourself creatively and with a perspective on events outside of your work.

Creators Workshop is not easy. You will manage, because you will get into a mode where you can do more than you would have thought possible.

Above all else it you will learn to get out of my own way and take action while embracing the fear that comes along with putting yourself out there.

Is the Creator Workshop worth it?

The yearly cost of an international undergraduate degree from ANU ranges from AU$36,400 (~US$26,150) for some Bachelor of Arts programs.

Tuition fees at universities are generally calculated per unit, not per year. Each unit falls into a fee band, and as most students will be studying a combination of units from different bands, fees will be different for everybody. However fees per unit start at $700.

What are the admission requirements?

I am seeking people of all ages, from all backgrounds, who share a desire to make work that matters and who have shown a willingness to commit to the program and transform.

I believe I can help every person who is willing to show up and do the work and join a community that will provoke, amplify and reward excellent work.

I am looking for kind of people who will prefer the intense, intimate, condensed experience the Creators Workshop offers. People who are seeking rapid personal and professional transformation.

Do I need any prior knowledge to attend the workshop?

You don't need any special knowledge to participate. But the Creator Workshop is not for wimps. You'll stretch further and learn more than you ever thought possible. You need to show up and work.

I am an experienced media practitioner, what will I gain from the Creator workshop?

Experienced media practitioners will get a lot from this workshop. Joseph's breadth of knowledge and understanding is
incredibly diverse. And has been honed by teaching at universities and colleges for more than two decades, working with incredible minds.

The workshop is designed to facilitate personal growth. And to allow you to interact with Joseph directly so you can forge ahead and break new ground.

What can I expect?

Unlike traditional online video courses, the Creator Workshop curriculum is hands-on. More than 75% of your time is spent producing creative work, meaning that you’ll learn concepts and immediately put them into action.

Sure, there are videos, but Creators Workshop is focused on what we actually do: Learn together.

The work involves shipping your responses to projects, getting feedback from peers, providing constructive criticism, and publishing your work to the Creator Workshop community.

There will be a total of 12 projects, 3 due per week, with a larger, final project at the end of the workshop. On those days you’ll also have group meetings for brainstorms and discussion, and co-create the work virtually in your learning teams.

Most of our students have full-time jobs or busy freelance schedules. We’ve created an intensive timeline that is designed to stretch you. But it will still be manageable given your real-life responsibilities and you’ll be surrounded by a community that is truly passionate about learning and creating meaningful work.

Which apps are covered in the workshop in detail?

Adobe PhotoshopCC, Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate, Webflow, WordPress, Google Chrome, Marvel Design App, Notion IO, Facebook Business Manager, Google AdWords, Handbrake, Adobe Type Kit, Canva, Marvel, and many more ...

How much does it cost?

An investment. $850. And it’s not just the money, it’s the time you’ll be spending as well.

There are two reasons for the tuition. The first is that the Creators Workshop requires a significant amount of commitment. Not only time but the decision to overcome your resistance to change.

The other reason it’s not free is every section of the Creators has my full-time commitment behind it. My goal isn’t to be big, it’s to be small. Small in size, but huge in my ability to create a difference.

If this sort of change or investment is too much, we totally get it. The Creators Workshop probably isn’t for you. The good news is that all the content is in the world, free online or in accessible books. There are no secrets.

Who is Joseph?

Experienced media practitioners will get a lot from this workshop. Joseph's breadth of knowledge and understanding is
incredibly diverse. And has been honed by teaching at universities and colleges for more than two decades, working with incredible minds.

The workshop is designed to facilitate personal growth. And to allow you to interact with Joseph directly so you can forge ahead and break new ground.


Creators Workshop is for the kind of people who will prefer the intense, intimate, condensed experience the Creators Workshop offers. People who are seeking transformation, not merely a certificate.

the Creator Workshop

How It Works

Sign Up

First step is to sign up for the course. The tuition for the 6-week online program is $979. Attending students include students, artists, photographers, as well as entrepreneurs and freelancers. The Creators Workshop is designed for doers.

Access the Slack Group

Get your starter pack and invite for the The Creators Workshop Slack Workspace.

Using Slack, I engage with students in individual and group work. During the workshop, each student shares the results of the hands on assigned projects for feedback and discussion.

The program is realtime, with regular assignments and exercises, group discussions, and live video. It is entirely based online, with students participating from their home or workplace.

Hands On Projects

The Creators workshop curriculum is hands-on and you can get started with the practical real world projects that allow you to apply what your are learning.

Deep dive and master digital imaging, design and graphics, website design and production, and online marketing with facebook, Instagram and Google.

Coaching and Feedback

The Creators Workshop provides an intimate learning experience with dedicated coaching, discussion, and feedback.

The Creators Workshop accelerates personal and creative transformation by providing a deep practical experience in digital production, marketing and personal creativity.

We learn together. You will always have me there to answer your questions and provide feedback.

The Answer is YES!

Can I join if I have very little work experience?

Can I join if I’m still figuring out what I want to do next?

Can I join if I have 10+ years of experience?

I want to make art, will this course suit me?

I want to freelance and make money, will this course suit me?

Can I make the most out of Creators Workshop if I’m still figuring out my path?

Will Joseph be available every week?

Will the broad skills I learn be up yo date and relevant?

Will I learn broad skills in photography, digital imaging, digital video, and website production?

Will I learn how to think about and work in online marketing?

Will I have the personalised support to succeed learning it all?

Is it possible to level up at my own pace and schedule?

Will I be able to level up in all the areas that matter to me?

Will I be challenged/stretched?

Will I learn to take better photographs/video?

Will I be able to master Photoshop?

Will I be ready to take on clients after the workshop?

Do I need a desire and commitment to get the most from Creators Workshop?

Now is the Time

There has never been a better time. Learn at your own pace. Realtime lecturer support. Condensed learning through live lessons, personalised feedback and coaching.



Get immediate access to the Creator Workshop learn at your own pace with realtime lecturer support.

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Get immediate access to the Creator Workshop learn at your own pace with realtime lecturer support.

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Your Success. Guaranteed.

If you do the work, and don’t get results you're amazed with by the end of this six-week workshop, I’ll give you double your money back!

Join the Creators Workshop

Level up in imaging, design, web and marketing with live lessons, personalised feedback, coaching, resources, and hands-on projects. Without guidance, this process can take years of trial-and-error.

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