Joseph Strid

I’m an artist, teacher, and I do projects.

Latest Artwork

Dissolving Views

Dissolving Views (Cottesloe Beach Redux), 2019
digital video, 16:9
silent, 6:10 min

20 July 2019

What I Am Considering Today

I have never stopped to consider what my life mission is. So today I did. My life mission is ... Being a father to my wonderful daughter. Helping others create the life they want (where I can). Learning and sharing. And making good pictures.

Quotes I am considering

The easiest way for us to gain happiness is to learn how to want the things we already have.― William B. Irvine

One reason children are capable of joy is because they take almost nothing for granted. ― William B. Irvine

Undeniable success is when you master activities and emotions whilst helping others. ― Derek Sivers

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything ― Warren Buffett

What I'm reading Today

Thirty Years of ProjectsSeth Godin

16 PersonalitiesI'm an Advocate

Hell Yeah or NoDerek Silvers

A Guide to the Good LifeDerek Silvers

How Artists Use TwitterDerek Silvers


I do Projects

This idea alone, that I do projects, has been utterly freeing to me. It has allowed me to deep dive into projects while allowing them to take on a life of their own and either last, or flare and fade.

Our Big Idea

This project is to help us see how what we keep coming back to in our ‘mind’ keeps coming back to us… through our bodies and our life events.

Big Creative

Looking for an Online Marketing Agency who does what it takes, every time? I started Big Creative for this very purpose. My little agency helps businesses, large and small by implementing modern online marketing strategies with an aim to double sales.

Joseph Strid

This is me here. Joseph Strid are my two middle names, my first name is Christopher, and my old last surname was Fulham (I took my wife's surname when we married). When we separated after a wildly successful 23 year marriage I no longer identified with 'Fulham' but did with my birth surname 'Strid'. So here I am.

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