Joseph Strid

Australian artist, photographer and teacher.

Dissolving Views (Cottesloe Beach II), 2019
digital video, 16:9
silent, 6:10 min

What I’m Working on Now

The Digital Arts Workshop

I am just putting the finishing touches on my Digital Artist Workshop — my most ambitious teaching project to date. ‌The workshop is a 8-week program in imaging, video, the web and online marketing. I have put my heart and soul into this, and into teaching the past 25 years.

I truly believe the skills and transformation I can make for people who enrol and commit is world class. If you acquire the skills and know how, you can set about creating almost anything can imagine. ‌The workshop is very intense, and quite long. But it's well worth the effort (and the cost).

The thinking behind the workshop is to create a platform for artists, creators and entrepreneurs  to really transform their skills and their chosen work direction. This is exactly how I used to run my university programs. Students can ask all the questions they have, as they have them, and grow and develop as slow or as fast as they wish.

I'm Making New Art Work

I have never been able to relinquish my art practice. Although I have on many occasions (like most of the time), put it last. Despite the fact it's what I enjoy doing the most. Why is that? I simply put it second. Well, I am officially jack of that. I will run my workshop now, because I want to teach, and it will enable me to keep developing work. Check out the studio for what I am up to now.

Me In A Nutshell

I'm an Artist and Teacher

I'm an artist who works with video and photography. I love teaching and sharing, but have been out of the game for the last 3 years. SO I have created a online 'connected' workshop in digital art, online marketing personal creativity. All the things I love. The workshop uses real-time teaching methods. We meet online and work together.

Online Marketing Freelancing

The last few years have been personally difficult for me. My marriage ended and I crumbled. I took to working as an online marketer. Facebook, Google Ads, websites, commerce stores. I learned the hard way. I just took gigs, and I said 'yep I can do that'. Then figured out how to do it on the run.

I made a ton of mistakes, and wasted a ton of time (and money). But that's just how it was. And I got very good at it. I picked up a ton of skills and experiences. And I slowly became crystal clear about what I want to do now. Which is to make art, and teach others how they can create what they want.

Video Art Commissions

The few years before that, I worked as a professional artist. I did art large public art commissions. I won a 100K aerial drone commission. I flew drones for art all over The Pilbara, a large, dry, thinly populated region in the north of Western Australia. It was an amazing experience. I was the first to attempt to fly drones out there. I also started a drone company at that time and flew commercial drone 'missions' and then trained extensively for business and universities. I learn a great deal about drones. I never crashed one.

University Arts Lecturer

Before all that, I taught digital arts at university and colleges for 15 years, 10 of which was at the Australian national University in Canberra. During this time teaching I curated many exhibitions for the ANU and many Australian arts organisations, including the Australian National Museum and National Film and Sound Archive. My visual art practice also started around this time, in 2006, and spanned a range of disciplines including Video Art, Internet Art, Photography.

Video Artist

From 2006 to 2015 I exhibited and toured my work extensively nationally and internationally. Lots of art shows and lots of art prizes. And a few big commissions. My art work is now held within public and private collections including, Karratha Airport (WA), Calvary Hospital, (ACT); National Sound and Film Archive (ACT); and PricewaterhouseCoopers (VIC).

Early Life

I was born in Perth, Western Australia in March of 1973, and grew up in Perth until the age of around 9. Then my family moved to Balikpapan Indonesia for 10 years as my dad was an engineer in the oil and gas industry. ‌

I the returned to Perth, I graduated from high school and studied commercial aviation, receiving my commercial pilots license in 1991. I then studied audio engineering, multimedia, then I began teaching media arts. I went on to lecture in media arts at SAE Technology College for four years, Digital Arts at the Australian National University for ten.

Selected Art Works

Milieu, 2013
digital video, 16:9
silent, 55:00 minutes

Finish Line, 2009
digital video, 16:9
silent, 5:24 minutes

Dispirited, 2008
digital video, 16:9
silent, 5:24 minutes

Cottesloe Beach, 2009
digital video, 16:9
silent, 13:35 minutes

Waveboarders, 2018
digital video, 16:9
silent, 5:24 minutes

Taipei Central, 2007
digital video, 16:9
silent, 5:09 minutes

Swimmer, 2007
digital video, 16:9
silent, 2:12 minutes

Runners, 2007
digital video, 16:9
silent, 6:51 minutes

Homeless, 2007
video, 16:9
silent, 4:10 minutes

Arrivals, 2007
digital video, 16:9
silent, 8:51 minutes

Stage Front, 2009
digital video, 16:9
The Presets Beams (under license)

Passage, 2013
digital video, 16:9
silent, 2:45 minutes

Cloud Studies, 2006
digital video, 16:9
3:42 minutes

Discoteque, 2016
digital video, 16:9
silent, 15:51 minutes




Selected Exhibitions and Performances

Art Commissions

Art Prizes