The Nutshell

I'm about empowering individual creativity. I write actionable guides and run instructor led bootcamps that empower individuals to take the action that excites them the most. I have very broad experience teaching creativity and an all-absorbing interest in specific topics (I have Aspergers atfer all). You can read about my past lives here.

The Actionables

I write what I think of as actionables — action-able guides that provide knowledge and skills you can apply in your own life. I haven't been producing these for long, but I'm focused now on improving them every single day.

How to live easily

Finding your sweet spot in life

Understanding the phenomenon that is the Internet

Establishing a clear vision for your website

Find your domain name, host it and grow online

WebFlow Visual Web Coding

Google mobile-first indexing

World class creative writing tools

Cloud Storage using Amazon S3

Growing a Photography Practice

Digital swiss-army tools

Digital Compendium

Take Action

Actionable Emails

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